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MIDO From Morricone to eyewear

After two years of stop, the 50th edition of MIDO, the largest international event dedicated to the world eyewear sector, finally took place.

For this important live” comeback the event was opened by the world premiere of “Infinite Visions”, written by Maestro Ennio Morricone.
The composition was written specifically for the 50 years of MIDO, in 2020, and was accompanied by a video dedicated by the same Maestro.

For this event organized by Campus Fandango Club we have created animated funds for ledwalls, in line with the style of Mido, emphasizing the colors and proposing logos in a dynamic look. 

During the press conference, numerous personalities from the eyewear industry and political positions intervened, testifying to the importance of the event for the city of Milan and in closing, the notes of “Dove si Balla” echoed throughout the Auditorium by the artist Dargen D’Amico.