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About Us

Get to know the people of Moving Dots
Get to know
the people of
Moving Dots

The way we operate is based on three underlying cornerstones. FLEXIBILITY • TIME THINKING • RELIABILITY

Our diverse skillset guarantees a broad versatility of operation, making us adaptable and flexible, capable of adjusting to the most complex processes, both receptive and quick to respond to any ongoing changes in development during a project.

We are trained to think in several different directions at once, and this gives us an advantage in carrying out any edits while the project is still ongoing, without weakening the process itself. We have the experience needed to frame the specific weight of any project and to handle time as efficiently as possible.

Because a project does not start with the instrument

Motion Graphic 2D and 3D, V.R. and A.R., stop-motion animation… these are some of the technologies we use to create our work.

However, these tools are not enough on their own: the people, with the appropriate technical and artistic skills, make a different project possible.

We have managed (for over 15 years) ADV work, in shows and ceremonies, which has allowed us to develop all the necessary skills to ensure success, learning to untangle the unexpected and managing the flow of work through our established pipelines.

And it is thanks to this experience in the field that today we specialise in creating video content projected onto all kinds of surfaces, from home televisions to the most prestigious buildings in Italian and European city centres – allowing people to interact with what they see on screen and/or live.


Art director & cofounder


Account director & cofounder

Antonio Pepe

Production supervisor

Born in 1982, in 2005 I graduated in Digital Design at the IED in Milan.

I love transforming images into motion. For this reason, I have participated in making many VideoClips, Commercials, Documentaries, and TV Programmes – working as a Motion Designer and 3D artist, improving my skills from project to project. 

At Moving Dots, I call myself a Technical Director and – on some jobs – Art Director. 

My goal? To continue learning and testing new techniques to bring new ideas to life.

Antonio Pepe

Production supervisor

Nato nel 1982, nel 2005 mi laureo nel corso di studi in Digital Design allo IED di Milano.

Amo trasformare le immagini in movimento e per questo motivo ho partecipato alla realizzazione di molti VideoClip, Pubblicità, Documentari e Programmi TV – lavorando come Motion Designer e 3D artist, migliorando le mie competenze di progetto in progetto. 

In Moving Dots mi definisco un Direttore Tecnico e – su alcuni lavori – Art Director. 

Il mio obiettivo? Continuare ad imparare e testare nuove tecniche per dare vita a nuove idee.

Mattia Buoso

Motion graphic designer

Pietro Brugnetti

Motion graphic designer

Gianmatteo Mafodda

3D artist

Aurora Cattaneo



Barketing Manager