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Case Histories

What we know is that time is never enough.
Because we know that there exists a time to be creative, a time to work, and a time to open ourselves and to broaden the scope, then to tighten the focus and, eventually, to find a suitable conclusion.

What we know is that, no matter the specifics of activity, it’s always a matter of video.

And videos matter.

We have learnt that “what” or “why” isn’t nearly as relevant as “how” things are made when it comes to being credible and relevant in the market.
We have discovered that “the best” doesn’t always mean the most apt, but rather the most effective.

We move as a whole, and we know that it’s paramount to know where the point should be. Because we think video. It’s in our nature.

We create impactful content to create a unique atmosphere (because it is tailor-made and therefore unrepeatable), coordinated and functional to your project.

Our goal is to create an experience for people who come into contact with your brand or listen to your message.

But it’s not enough to say it! We believe that the best way to tell the story of our work is to show it.

Therefore, we have collected the most significant Moving Dots projects in this section, where images and words will guide you on your journey through our content.